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Aaron Zigman
1. Family Theme / Gary & Kira Save Kip
2. The Peace Shield
3. Evil Lena's Theme / Dark Planet Press Conference
4. Kira & Evil Lina / Gary Goes To Save Scorch
5. Kira & Kip Caught / Evil Lena
6. Scorch - Family Theme
7. Step Away from the Bluebonium
8. The Gnalarch Mission
9. Scorch Returns to Planet Baab
10. Scorch Me Baby

Aaron Zigman
1. The Best of Me (Original Motion Picture Score)
2. Addicted (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
3. Escape from Planet Earth
4. Sex and The City 2: Original Motion Picture Score
5. My Sister's Keeper
6. Flash Of Genius
7. Sex And The City (Original Motion Picture Score)
8. The Jane Austen Book Club
9. Flicka
10. My Sister's Keeper (Original Motion Picture Score)
11. Flash Of Genius (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
12. Sex And The City - Original Motion Picture Score
13. The Jane Austen Book Club (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
14. Flicka (Original Motion Picture Score)

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