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Adam Sandler
1. Real Love
2. George Simmons Soon Will Be Gone
3. Assistant Principal's Big Day
4. The Buffoon and the Dean of Admissions
5. Buddy
6. The Longest Pee
7. Food Innuendo Guy
8. The Beating of a High School Janitor
9. Right Field
10. The Buffoon and the Valedictorian

Adam Sandler
1. 100% Fresh
2. Shhh...Don't Tell (U.S. PA Version)
3. Stan And Judy's Kid
4. What's Your Name? (DMD Album)
5. What's Your Name?
6. What The Hell Happened To Me?
7. What The Hell Happened To Me? (DMD Album)
8. They're All Gonna Laugh At You!

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