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Al Kooper
1. 500 Miles (Can You Hear It Now) (Al Kooper Remaster 2008)
2. The Man In Me
3. Please Tell Me Why
4. The Monkey Time (Album Version)
5. Swept For You, Baby
6. Bended Knees
7. Love Trap
8. As the Years Go Passing By
9. Jolie
10. Blind Baby

Al Kooper
1. 50/50
2. The Very Best Of
3. Rare & Well Done: The Greatest And Most Obscure Recordings 1964-2001
4. Al's Big Deal/Unclaimed Freight
5. Al's Big Deal
6. Championship Wrestling
7. A Possible Projection Of The Future
8. Naked Songs
9. New York City (You're A Woman)
10. Easy Does It
11. You Never Know Who Your Friends Are
12. I Stand Alone

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