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Bad Religion
1. 21st Century (Digital Boy)
2. The Devil In Stitches
3. Leaders And Followers
4. American Jesus (Live)
5. Leave Mine To Me (Live)
6. Change Of Ideas (Live)
7. We're Only Gonna Die (With Biohazard)
8. Modern Day Catastrophists
9. The Surface Of Me
10. Incomplete (BBC Radio One Session)

Bad Religion
1. Age Of Unreason
2. Stranger Than Fiction (Deluxe Edition Remastered)
3. Stranger Than Fiction (Remastered)
4. True North
5. Christmas Songs
6. The Dissent Of Man
7. The Dissent Of Man [Bonus Track Version]
8. New Maps of Hell Deluxe Version
9. New Maps Of Hell
10. Against The Grain (Reissue)
11. No Control (Re-Issue)
12. How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (Re-Issue)
13. Generator (Re-Issue)
14. The Empire Strikes First
15. Suffer
16. The Process Of Belief
17. The New America
18. No Substance
19. Tested
20. The Gray Race
21. All Ages
22. Stranger Than Fiction
23. Recipe For Hate

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