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1. Living On The Ceiling (Remastered Version)
2. Feel Me (US 12" Instrumental)
3. Don't Tell Me
4. Vishnu (Instrumental)
5. Feel Me (Live Version)
6. Your Time Is Over
7. Lose Your Love (Single Version)
8. What's Your Problem
9. Paradise Is
10. Why Don't They Leave Things Alone?

1. The Platinum Collection
2. Second Helpings - Best Of Blancmange
3. Second Helpings
4. Believe You Me (Extended Version)
5. Happy Families (Deluxe Edition)
6. Mange Tout (Deluxe Edition)
7. Mange Tout (Extended Version)
8. Believe You Me (Deluxe Edition)
9. Happy Families (Extended Version)
10. Happy Families

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