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1. Living On The Ceiling (Remastered Version)
2. Lose Your Love (7" Single Version)
3. Lose Your Love (This Club Mix)
4. A Remedial Course (Demo)
5. You Better Believe (Demo)
6. Gentle On My Mind (Demo)
7. Muezzin Diver (Demo)
8. River Of Life (Demo)
9. Lose Your Love (Extended Version)
10. What's Your Problem (Extended Version)

1. The Platinum Collection
2. Second Helpings - Best Of Blancmange
3. Second Helpings
4. Happy Families (Deluxe Edition)
5. Believe You Me (Extended Version)
6. Mange Tout (Extended Version)
7. Mange Tout (Deluxe Edition)
8. Happy Families (Extended Version)
9. Happy Families
10. Believe You Me (Deluxe Edition)

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