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Cat Stevens
1. Wild World
2. The Boy With A Moon And Star On His Head
3. Freezing Steel
4. O' Caritas
5. Sweet Scarlet
6. Ruins
7. Maybe You're Right
8. I Think I See The Light
9. I Wish, I Wish
10. Time

Cat Stevens
1. Best Of
2. Remember Cat Stevens - The Ultimate Collection (Ecopac)
3. New Masters
4. Matthew & Son
5. The Very Best Of Cat Stevens
6. Footsteps In The Dark - Greatest Hits Vol.2
7. Back To Earth (Remastered)
8. Izitso (Remastered)
9. Numbers (Remastered)
10. Catch Bull At Four
11. Remember Cat Stevens - The Ultimate Collection
12. Early Tapes
13. Greatest Hits (Remastered)
14. Buddha And The Chocolate Box (Remastered)
15. Catch Bull At Four (Remastered)
16. Teaser And The Firecat
17. Mona Bone Jakon (Remastered)
18. Tea For The Tillerman (Remastered)
19. Teaser and the Firecat (Deluxe Edition)
20. Tea for the Tillerman (Deluxe Edition)
21. Tea For The Tillerman
22. The Best Of Cat Stevens 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection
23. On The Road To Find Out
24. Gold
25. On The Road To Find Out (4 CD SET)
26. First Cuts

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