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Dave Edmunds
1. Get Out Of Denver
2. Back To School Days
3. Worn Out Suits, Brand New Pockets
4. Where Or When
5. Git It
6. Let's Talk About Us
7. What Did I Do Last Night
8. Hey Good Lookin'
9. Little Darlin'
10. My Baby Left Me

Dave Edmunds
1. Subtle As A Flying Mallet (plus bonus tracks)
2. Repeat When Necessary
3. The Best of Dave Edmunds
4. The Best Of The EMI Years
5. Twangin' (US Releases)
6. Tracks On Wax 4
7. Dave Edmunds Best
8. Best Of Dave Edmunds
9. I Hear You Knocking
10. Original Album Classics
11. Information
12. D.E.7
13. Get It
14. Subtle As A Flying Mallet

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