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Eddie Harris
1. It's Time To Do What You Want (feat. Don Ellis)
2. Dreams Are For Real (feat. Don Ellis)
3. Dreams And Nightmares (feat. Don Ellis)
4. Sallie's Theme (feat. Don Ellis)
5. No One Would Believe (feat. Don Ellis)
6. That Is Why You're Overweight (feat. Don Ellis)
7. One Man Section (feat. Don Ellis)
8. Steps Up (feat. Don Ellis)
9. Brother Wardo (feat. Don Ellis)
10. Love Is Here To Stay (feat. Don Ellis)

Eddie Harris
1. Greater Than The Sum of His Parts
2. Is It In (US Release)
3. How Can You Live Like That?
4. The Reason Why I'm Talking Shit (Comedy with Music)
5. Silver Cycles
6. Excursions
7. That Is Why You're Overweight
8. The Electrifying Eddie Harris / Plug Me In
9. Is It In
10. Here Comes the Judge
11. Cool Sax From Hollywood To Broadway
12. Cool Sax, Warm Heart
13. Exodus To Jazz
14. The Lost Album Plus The Better Half

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