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1. Put That Woman First (Amended Version)
2. Everytime I Think About Her [Featuring Jadakiss] (Amended Version)
3. He Don't Exist
4. Morning
5. What She Really Means
6. P**** Appreciation Day
7. Shower Scene
8. Sexting
9. I Found You
10. Florida

1. Appreciation Day
2. Another Round
3. Classic Jaheim Vol. 1
4. The Makings Of A Man
5. Ghetto Classics (Digital Release w/ PDF)
6. Ghetto Classics (U.S. Amended Version)
7. Ghetto Classics (U.S. PA Version)
8. Ghetto Classics (Digital Release w/ PDF) (PA Version)
9. Still Ghetto
10. Ghetto Love
11. Struggle Love

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