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James L. Venable
1. Only Surviving Member / Police Station / Of Course We'll Help
2. Headquarters Battle
3. Battle In The Sky
4. QED Monologue / Crime Syndicate / Made Men / Flash and Jon Shipyard Battle
5. Sup and Lex Fight Jimmy and Ultraman
6. Owlman Multiverse Monolgue / President Office Monologue
7. Rose Garden and Ultraman Intimidations / Superwoman Toys with Bats / Batman
8. Perimeter Breach Watchtower
9. Rose and Jon Mindmeld / Owlman's End / Batman Owlman Fight
10. Moonbase Intro / Is This Just A Little Too Easy / Moonbase Battle

James L. Venable
1. Scary Movie 4 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
2. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (Original Motion Picture Score)

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