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Joan Of Arc
1. Many Times I've Mistaken
2. Eventually All At Once
3. Shown And Told
4. Laughter Reflected Back
5. Just Pack Or Unpack
6. 9/11 2
7. Everywhere I Go
8. Vine On A Wire
9. Insects Don't Eat Bananas
10. Lying And Cheating Mind

Joan Of Arc
1. How Memory Works
2. How Can Anything So Little Be Any More?
3. Live In Chicago, 1999
4. The Gap
5. So Much Staying Alive And Lovelessness
6. A Portable Model Of
7. Life Like
8. Joan of Arc Presents: Don't Mind Control
9. Flowers
10. Boo Human
11. The Intelligent Design Of Joan Of Arc
12. Joan Of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain

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