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Josh White
1. He Who Feeds The Ravens
2. Holy Ghost Revival
3. I Love My God
4. You Amaze Me
5. To Burn In You
6. Our God Is Present
7. Let Me See Your Hands
8. This Better Part
9. He Is Abel
10. The Wall

Josh White
1. Achor
2. Comes A-Visitin' Big Bill Broonzy Comes A-Singin'
3. 25th Anniversary Album
4. Josh White Sings Ballads And Blues
5. Empty Bed Blues
6. The Best Of Josh White
7. Josh At Midnight
8. The Elektra Years
9. Blues Singer (1932-1936)
10. Spirituals & Blues
11. The House I Live In
12. Chain Gang Songs
13. The Story Of John Henry... A Musical Narrative

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