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1. The Lovers Are Losing
2. Somewhere Only We Know
3. Silenced By The Night
4. Everybody's Changing
5. Is It Any Wonder?
6. Crystal Ball
7. Bend & Break
8. Bedshaped
9. Something In Me Was Dying
10. Stop For A Minute (Album Version)

1. Night Train
2. Perfect Symmetry (EU Album)
3. Perfect Symmetry
4. Perfect Symmetry (UK Album)
5. Under The Iron Sea (Ecopac)
6. Hopes And Fears (Ecopac)
7. Under The Iron Sea (UK edition)
8. Under The Iron Sea
9. Hopes And Fears (EU version)
10. Hopes And Fears
11. The Best Of Keane
12. The Best Of Keane (Deluxe Edition)
13. Strangeland
14. Strangeland (Deluxe Version)
15. Hopes and Fears (Deluxe Edition)
16. Live Recordings: European Tour 2008
17. Under The Iron Sea (International version)

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