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Larry The Cable Guy
1. A Santa's Q&A
2. Introduction & Opening Monologue
3. Lapquest
4. Eulogy
5. Tobacco Company Choir
6. Plus-Sized Fashion Shorts
7. Nativity Scene
8. Farting Jingle Bells
9. Bobblehead Heating Dolls
10. Comedian Muhammad & Oscar

Larry The Cable Guy
1. The Best Of Larry The Cable Guy
2. Tailgate Party
3. Christmastime In Larryland
4. Morning Constitutions (U.S Version)
5. Christmastime In Larryland (iTunes Pre-Order)
6. One For The Road EP (Digital EP)
7. The Right To Bare Arms
8. A Very Larry Christmas
9. Happy Haul-O-Ween from Cars Land: Spooky Songs from Mater and Luigi
10. Season's Speedings from Cars Land: Holiday Songs from Mater & Luigi

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