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Marvin Sease
1. I Ate The Whole Thing
2. The Price Of Feeding Him
3. She Don't Love You
4. Do You Want To Make Love
5. She's The Woman I Love
6. I Got You
7. Teach Me
8. I Wanna Do It With You
9. You Walked Away
10. The Housekeeper

Marvin Sease
1. Candy Licker: The Sex & Soul Of Marvin Sease
2. 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Marvin Sease (Explicit Version)
3. I Got Beat Out
4. A Woman Would Rather Be Licked
5. Hoochie Momma
6. The Bitch Git It All
7. Please Take Me!
8. Do You Need A Licker?
9. The Housekeeper
10. Breakfast

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