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Michael Monroe
1. Nothin's Alright (Live)
2. Motorvatin' (Live)
3. Hammersmith Palais (Live)
4. You´re Next (Live)
5. Not Fakin' It (Live)
6. Dysfunctional (Live)
7. I Wanna Be Loved (Live)
8. Love Song (Live)
9. Machine Gun Etiquette (Live)
10. Motorheaded For A Fall (Live)

Michael Monroe
1. Sensory Overdrive
2. Another Night In The Sun - Live in Helsinki
3. Another Night In The Sun
4. Nights Are So Long
5. Blackout States
6. Horns And Halos (Special Edition)
7. Sensory Overdrive (Special Edition)
8. The Best

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