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Smash Mouth
1. Walkin' On The Sun
2. Why Can't We Be Friends
3. Who's There (Album Version)
4. Diggin' Your Scene (Album Version)
5. I Just Wanna See (Album Version)
6. Waste (Album Version)
7. Satellite (Album Version)
8. Radio (Album Version)
9. Stoned (Album Version)
10. Then The Morning Comes (Album Version)

Smash Mouth
1. Magic
2. Magic (Deluxe Edition)
3. Get The Picture
4. Smash Mouth
5. Astro Lounge
6. Fush Yu Mang
7. The Gift Of Rock
8. Magic (Amazon Exclusive)
9. All Star Smash Hits
10. Get The Picture (International Version)
11. Smash Mouth (International Version)
12. Fush Yu Mang (20th Anniversary Edition)
13. Fush Yu Mang (Acoustic)

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