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The Bangles
1. Walk Like an Egyptian
2. Eternal Flame
3. Going Down To Liverpool
4. Something To Believe In (Album Version)
5. Bell Jar (Album Version)
6. Make A Play For Her Now (Album Version)
7. Glitter Years (Album Version)
8. Crash And Burn (Album Version)
9. Standing In the Hallway
10. Standing In The Hallway (Album Version)

The Bangles
1. Eternal Flame: The Best Of
2. Walk Like An Egyptian: The Best Of The Bangles
3. We Are The '80s
4. Playlist: The Very Best Of Bangles
5. The Essential Bangles
6. Eternal Flame - Best Of The Bangles
7. The Best Of The Bangles
8. Collections
10. Super Hits
11. All Over The Place/ Different Light/ Everything (3 Pak)
12. Greatest Hits
13. Everything
14. Different Light
15. All Over The Place
16. Les indispensables

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