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The Used
1. Burning Down the House
2. Blood on My Hands
3. Mosh 'n Church [Demo]
4. On My Own [ Sessions]
5. Empty With You [ Sessions]
6. Lunacy Fringe [ Sessions]
7. Alone This Holiday
8. In a Needle
9. On the Cross (Save Yourself Mix)
10. Maybe Memories (Live)

The Used
1. Artwork
2. Artwork (Deluxe DMD)
3. In Love And Death Instrumentals
4. Shallow Believer
5. Berth
6. Lies For The Liars
7. In Love And Death (PA) (+ Bonus Track)
8. In Love And Death (Non-PA Version)
9. In Love And Death (PA Version)
10. Maybe Memories (U.S. CD w/ DVD)
11. The Used (U.S. Version)

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