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The Used
1. Burning Down the House
2. Blood on My Hands
3. Take It Away [Live - Vancouver] [Amended]
4. Listening [Live - Vancouver] [Amended]
5. I Caught Fire (Live - Vancouver)
6. The Taste Of Ink [Live - Vancouver] [Amended]
7. All That I've Got [Live - Vancouver] [Amended]
8. Blue And Yellow [Live - Vancouver] [Amended]
9. I'm A Fake [Live - Vancouver] [Amended]
10. Hard To Say [Live - Vancouver] [Amended]

The Used
1. In Love And Death Instrumentals
2. Artwork
3. Artwork (Deluxe DMD)
4. Shallow Believer
5. Berth
6. Lies For The Liars
7. In Love And Death (PA) (+ Bonus Track)
8. In Love And Death (Non-PA Version)
9. In Love And Death (PA Version)
10. Maybe Memories (U.S. CD w/ DVD)
11. The Used (U.S. Version)

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