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Theodore Bikel
1. Edelweiss
2. The King and I: A Puzzlement
3. Der Becher
4. Der Fisher
5. Papir Iz Doch Veis
6. Di Zun Vet Arunter Geyn
7. Khag Laro'e
8. Rue
9. Ay Te Tsi Nye Te
10. Vi Zenen Mayne Yinge Yoren

Theodore Bikel
1. Theodore Bikel's Treasury of Yiddish Folk and Theatre Songs
2. Theodore Bikel Sings More Jewish Folk Songs
3. A Harvest of Israeli Folksongs
4. A Folksinger's Choice
5. Sings Yiddish Theatre & Folk Songs
6. On Tour
7. The Best of Bikel
8. From Bondage to Freedom
9. Songs Of Russia Old and New
10. Songs of A Russian Gypsy
11. Sings Jewish Folk Songs
12. Folk Songs From Just About Everywhere
13. An Actor's Holiday
14. Bravo Bikel - Theodore Bikel Town Hall Concert
15. Sings Songs Of Israel
16. Young Man And A Maid
17. Songs Of Russia Old & New / Russian Gypsy

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