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Anna Russell
1. Introduction to the Concert (By Women's Club President) (Live)
2. Coloratura aria: Canto dolciamente pipo from the opera La Cantatrice Squelante (Live)
3. For loud singers with no brains: Ah Lover! from the operetta The Prince of Philadelphia (Live)
4. Russian folk song: Da, Nyet, Da, Nyet (Live)
5. British - pure but dull: I Love the Spring (Live)
6. For singers with tremendous artistry but no voice: Schlumph; Je n'ai pas la Plume de ma Tante (Live)
7. For the dramatic soprano: Schreechenrauf (Live)
8. Wind Instruments I Have Known: How to Enjoy Your Bagpipe (Voice)
9. Dripping with Gore
10. Noisy Neighbors

Anna Russell
1. The Anna Russell Album - Live From New York

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