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Ben Harper
1. Picture In A Frame
2. Sweet Nothing Serenade
3. Reason To Mourn
4. Cryin' Won't Help You Now
5. Ground On Down (Live)
6. Steal My Kisses (Live)
7. Wicked Man (Live at the Apollo)
8. I Shall Not Walk Alone (Live at the Apollo)
9. Church On Time (Live at the Apollo)
10. There Will Be A Light (Live at the Apollo)

Ben Harper
1. By My Side (Retrospective)
2. Give Till It's Gone
3. Lifeline
4. Both Sides Of The Gun
5. Diamonds On The Inside
6. Boxed Set Collection
7. The Will To Live
8. Fight For Your Mind
9. Welcome To The Cruel World
10. Childhood Home
11. Get Up!

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