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1. Everytime We Touch
2. Madness (feat. Tris) (Video Edit)
3. Miracle (German Radio Edit)
4. Perfect Day (Rock Radio Edit)
5. What Do You Want From Me (S&H Project Radio Edit)
6. Glorious (Acoustic Edit)
7. Evacuate the Dancefloor (Acoustic Edit)
8. Why You Had to Leave (Acoustic Edit)
9. Golden Train (Acoustic Edit)
10. Hold Your Hands Up (Acoustic Edit)

1. Acoustic Sessions
2. It's Christmas Time
3. Back On the Dancefloor
4. Everytime We Touch [Premium Edition]
5. Everytime We Touch (Premium Edition)
6. Perfect Day [Premium Edition]
7. Platinum
8. 3D [Special Edition]
9. 3D (Special Edition)
10. Evacuate The Dancefloor
11. Perfect Day
12. Everytime We Touch
13. Original Me
14. Original Me (International Version)

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