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Daniel Powter
1. Not Coming Back
2. Negative Fashion
3. Don't Give up on Me
4. Fly Away
5. Beauty Queen
6. My so Called Life
7. Styrofoam (Live from Studio A)
8. The Making of Under the Radar
9. About "Next Plane Home"
10. About "Whole World Around"

Daniel Powter
1. Best Of Me
2. Under The Radar
3. Under The Radar (Taiwan Version)
4. Under The Radar (Int'l Deluxe Audio Bundle)
5. Under The Radar (U.K. Version)
6. Under The Radar (Japanese Version)
7. Under The Radar (Int'l Deluxe Bundle)
8. Daniel Powter (Deluxe Version)
9. Daniel Powter

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