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Destiny's Child
1. 8 Days of Christmas
2. Stand Up For Love (2005 World Children's Day Anthem)
3. Game Over
4. Free
5. Winter Paradise
6. Say My Name (#1's Edit)
7. Survivor (Azza'z Soul Remix Radio Edit)
8. Bootylicious (Ed Case Refix)
9. Survivor (Digital Black-N-Groove Radio Mix)
10. Survivor (CB200 Club Anthem Mix)

Destiny's Child
1. Love Songs
2. Playlist: The Very Best Of Destiny's Child
3. #1's
4. Destiny Fulfilled
5. Destiny Fulfilled (Value Added for Wal-Mart)
6. The Collection
7. This Is The Remix
8. Destiny's Child/The Writing's On The Wall
9. Survivor
10. 8 Days Of Christmas
11. The Writing's On The Wall
12. Destiny's Child

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