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Gilbert O'Sullivan
1. Clair (Remasterizada)
2. Taking a Chance (Jon Kelly Remix)
3. Made In Love
4. I Guess I'll Always Love You
5. Hell No
6. If You Want Me to
7. That's the Kind of Love I Need
8. Let's See
9. Hablando del Rey de Roma
10. No Way

Gilbert O'Sullivan
1. Gilbert O'Sullivan
2. Singer Sowing Machine
3. Irlish
4. Piano Foreplay
5. The Essential Collection
6. Latin ala G!
7. Sounds of the Loop (Deluxe Edition)
8. By Larry
9. Every Song Has Its Play (Original Score)
10. In the Key of G (Deluxe Edition)
11. A Stranger In My Own Back Yard (Deluxe Edition)
12. Southpaw (Deluxe Edition)
13. Back to Front (Deluxe Edition)
14. The Very Best of Gilbert O'Sullivan - A Singer and His Songs
15. I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter (Deluxe Edition)
16. Himself (Deluxe Edition)
17. The Berry Vest of Gilbert O'Sullivan
18. A Scruff At Heart
19. Rare Tracks

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