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Jeremy Camp
1. Slow Down Time
2. Capture Me
3. Speaking Louder Than Before
4. I Know Who I Am
5. I'm Alive
6. You Will Be There
7. So In Love
8. My Fortress
9. Giving You All Control
10. Surrender

Jeremy Camp
1. Reckless
2. I Still Believe: The Number Ones Collection
3. Christmas: God With Us
4. Christmas: God With Us
5. Stay, Restored, Beyond Measure
6. Jeremy Camp Live
7. We Cry Out: The Worship Project
8. We Cry Out: The Worship Project (Deluxe Edition)
9. Speaking Louder Than Before
10. Beyond Measure (Special Edition)
11. Beyond Measure
12. Carried Me The Worship Project
13. Stay
14. The Answer
15. I Will Follow
16. I Will Follow (Deluxe Edition)
17. Live Unplugged
18. Restored
19. The Story's Not Over
20. The Story's Not Over (Deluxe Edition)
21. I Still Believe: The Greatest Hits

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