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Kaiser Chiefs
1. I Predict A Riot
2. Modern Way
3. Everything Is Average Nowadays ((Live At Doncaster Dome))
4. Admire You
5. Out Of My Depth
6. I Like To Fight
7. Sooner Or Later
8. How Do You Feel About That?
9. Can't Say What I Mean (Live at Elland Road)
10. Never Miss A Beat (Live at Elland Road)

Kaiser Chiefs
1. The Future Is Medieval
2. Off With Their Heads (Latin America/South East Asia)
3. Off With Their Heads
4. Yours Truly, Angry Mob
5. Employment (Ecopac)
6. Employment
7. Employment (International)
8. Employment (B-Unique Version)
9. Off With Their Heads (Deluxe)
10. Yours Truly, Angry Mob (Deluxe)
11. Souvenir : The Singles 2004 - 2012
12. Duck

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