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Motley Crue
1. Smokin' In The Boys Room (Alternate Guitar Solo - Rough Mix)
2. City Boy Blues (Demo)
3. Home Sweet Home (Instrumental Rough Mix)
4. Keep Your Eye On The Money (Demo)
5. Tommy's Drum Piece
6. Dr. Feelgood (Demo Version)
7. Without You (Demo Version)
8. Kickstart My Heart (Demo Version)
9. Get it for Free (Unreleased Track)
10. Time for Change (Demo Version)

Motley Crue
1. Live: Entertainment or Death
2. Dr. Feelgood (20th Anniversary Expanded Version)
3. Generation Swine
4. Theatre of Pain
5. Too Fast For Love
6. Mötley Crüe
7. Shout At the Devil
8. Motley Crue / Rock Legends
9. Red White & Crue (Edited Version)
10. Generation Swine (International Version)
11. Live - Entertainment or Death
12. Dr. Feelgood

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