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Sean Paul
1. She Doesn't Mind
2. Got 2 Luv U (feat. Alexis Jordan)
3. Get Busy
4. Breakout
5. Head to Toe
6. Faded
7. Touch the Sky (feat. DJ Ammo)
8. Check It Deeply
9. Never Gonna Be the Same
10. She Want Me

Sean Paul
1. Dutty Classics Collection
2. Full Frequency
3. Tomahawk Technique
4. Imperial Blaze
5. The Trinity [New Standard Digital Release]
6. The Trinity
7. Stage One
8. The Trinity (Digital w/Bundled Tracks)
9. The Trinity (iTunes Exclusive w/ bundled tracks- no bonus videos/enhancements)
10. Dutty Rock
11. Mad Love The Prequel

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