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Snow Patrol
1. Chasing Cars
2. Just Say Yes
3. Crack The Shutters (Haunts Remix)
4. Crack The Shutters (Kid Gloves Remix)
5. New Sensation
6. Run (Jackknife Lee Remix)
7. Spitting Games (2001 Country Version)
8. I Am An Astronaut (non-album track)
9. PPP (Live From The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh 2003)
10. Cubicles (Non-album track)

Snow Patrol
1. Greatest Hits
2. A Hundred Million Suns (EU Version)
3. Final Straw
4. Eyes Open (+ 1 UK Bonus Track)
5. When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up
6. Songs For Polarbears
7. Final Straw (Non-EU Version)
8. Reworked
9. Fallen Empires
10. Up To Now
11. A Hundred Million Suns
12. A Hundred Million Suns (UK Standard Version)
13. Eyes Open
14. Eyes Open (International Package with bonus live tracks)
15. Wildness
16. Wildness (Deluxe)

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