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Vargas Blues Band
1. Deep blue (feat. Elliott Murphy)
2. One day I get lucky (feat. Carey Bell & Louisiana Red)
3. Pretty blue (feat. Jack Bruce & Reese Wynans)
4. Exotic Mambo (feat. Alex Ligertwood & Reese Wynans)
5. Do you believe in love (feat. Chris Rea)
6. Riding high (feat. Larry Thurston)
7. Body shock (feat. Larry Graham, Raimundo Amador & Chester Thompson)
8. Make sweet love 2U (feat. Bobby Alexander)
9. Blues for my baby (feat. Larry Mc Cray)
10. Man on the run (feat. Tim Mitchell)

Vargas Blues Band
1. King of Latin Blues
2. Cambalache & Bronca
3. Hard Time Blues
4. Blues Latino (20th Aniversary)
5. Heavy City Blues
6. Vargas Blues Band & Company
7. Mojo Protection Revisited
8. Mojo Protection (Revisited)
9. Texas Tango (Remastered Complete Edition)
10. Bluestrology (Remastered Complete Edition)
11. Comes Alive with Friends
12. Flamenco Blues Experience
13. Flamenco Blues Experience (iTunes exclusive)
14. Lost & Found
15. Love, union, peace
16. Chill Latin Blues
17. Last Night
18. The Best Of Vargas Blues Band
19. Madrid-Chicago Live
20. Feedback
21. All Around Blues
22. Gipsy Boogie
23. Texas Tango
24. Blues Latino
25. Madrid-Memphis

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